The services relating to the various sponsoring and exhibitor categories are defined in the Sponsors & Exhibitors Opportunities-document.

If you are interested in actively participating in the IPS User Forum 2022 in Vienna as a sponsor/exhibitor, please note the information on the registration process for sponsors/exhibitors.

The assignment of the supporting companies of the IPS User Forum 2022 is made to the following sponsor or exhibitor categories:

Key Sponsors

Industry Sponsors & Promoters

Premium Sponsors

Advanced Exhibitors

Standard Exhibitors

Key Sponsors


FACC is a global aerospace leader when it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing advanced aircraft components and systems. As a technology partner of all major aircraft and engine manufacturers, we are collaborating closely with our customers in order to devise solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.
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HICO develop innovative solutions for Integrated Product Support (IPS) to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers. This is achieved by our experienced and loyal employees and their comprehensive solution competence.
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Industry Sponsors & Promoters


Airbus pioneers sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Company constantly innovates to provide efficient and technologically-advanced solutions in aerospace, defence, and connected services.
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As an integrated technology group with about 25,000 employees worldwide, the listed Rheinmetall AG stands for a strong, internationally successful company that operates in various markets with an innovative range of products and services.
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Premium Sponsors


The NINEFEB Group is a Europe-wide service provider that offers you support at all levels of technical documentation in order to create maximum added value for your success!
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Project engineering and risk management | Production & maintenance engineering | Documentary engineering | Translation-Localization | eLearning | 3D/2D imaging and multimedia | Marketing & Communications
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Advanced Exhibitors

Congree Language Technologies is a team of people passionate and crazy about language and content quality. We design and build software for content optimization and our technology helps writers create consistent and compelling content. Our linguistic intelligence software provides writing guidance and feedback according to ASD-STE100 or any other company’s unique style, branding and terminology guidelines.

Congree seamlessly integrates in your authoring tools and works within the most popular XML environments. In addition to checking stye, grammar and terminology, the Congree Authoring Memory suggests similar sentences that have already been written and reviewed for reuse. Our software also connects with your existing content creation landscape and can work both on-premise within your secured IT-infrastructure and in the cloud.

Visit us at IPS-UF, meet our Senior Consultant Torsten Machert and experience his 20+ years background in the industry by having a chat with him.

Connectiv-IT is the leading software provider in France for the digitalization and monitoring of Integrated Product Support data exchanges with a sound expertise for Through Life Management and strengthened by key experiences in digital fleet management and digital collaboration for aerospace and land defense systems. Our software are S-SERIES compliant (S2000M, S3000L and S5000F) and PLCS (Nato stanag 4661) compliant.

On top of offering connectivity and the digital means to ensure the reliability of exchanged support data, Connectiv-IT provides a software suite which ensures the aggregation and the monitoring of 360° in-service data to improve fleet management, contract Key Indicators, and the logistics performance. We enable collaborating partners to synchronize their information systems to minimize administrative burden, aiming at the optimization of fleets availability and reduction of life cycle costs.

Connectiv-IT is the trusted benchmark partner for Aerospace and Defense sectors in France. Our customer base includes strong partnership with the French Ministry of Defense and major European Defense system and equipment manufacturers.

Etteplan is a progressive group of over 3,800 global engineering specialists (of which 850 in technical publications) who are working to spark positive change in the world of engineering. We believe that solving tomorrow’s engineering challenges will require a different, more structured, focused approach. One that lets you concentrate more on your core business. Based on our deep industrial insights in varied sectors, we apply new thinking in the areas of software development, embedded systems, IoT, industrial equipment, facility engineering and technical documentation. Our specialists apply unique engineering expertise and service products over the entire product life cycle. Visit our booth to discuss your needs and see a demonstration of HyperSTE, our software solution that ensures your content complies with ASD- STE100.

ISS’s SLICwave® Life Cycle™ software suite embraces the latest international standards — ASD S3000L, S1000D, S2000M, and GEIA-STD-0007, in addition to support for legacy standards such as MIL-STD-1388-2B. SLICwave Life Cycle features best‐in‐class technology, innovative design, robust security, and the largest installed base of users in the world. Initialize new S-Series projects with key data from legacy projects. Author, manage, and update S1000D data modules from the SLICwave logistics product support data source, while seamlessly integrating with your preferred CSDB solution.

ISSEL NORD, a Fincantieri company well-established on the market for more than 30 years, is specialized in providing a wide range of integrated logistics and product support services for civil and defence sectors. Thanks to the experience gathered in various industrial environments and thanks to a range of specialized services, which has been enriched and improved over time, ISSEL NORD is able to take on the „problem solver“ role, either working together or on behalf of the customer, carrying out technical and managerial activities that customers would not assign to their own staff.

Since 2010 LGM Group (1500 collaborators in 10 countries) has decided to fully support the ASD S-Series specifications by providing:

  • a complete functional & technical expertise on these specifications,
  • dedicated training courses on all ASD S-Series, including webinars
  • a full set of Software products, compliant with the S-Series, our ASD Factory,
  • several data migration tools for compatibility with previous standards (such as 1388-2B).

So, come and exchange with our experts at IPS Vienna 2022 exhibition, and look at our S1000D/S2000M products (TEDI), eLSA for S3000L or our latest S6000T environment for training design.

Pennant Group is a leading, worldwide provider of technology-based training solutions and IPS software and services to the Defence, Aerospace, and safety critical industries. The Group provides its range of technical training solutions and IPS software products & services around the world to train the next generation of operators and maintainers in defence and regulated civilian sectors.
Pennant’s suite of products and services include Interactive Technical Documentation, LSAR software, S1000D software, electrical and mechanical trainers, E-learning, Virtual Reality, Emulation, Studio Services and many more related skills and products.

Our goal is to ensure through innovative IPS processes, products, excellent customer service, proven competitive strategies, along with a group of people that we bring dynamic energy to the company and to the overall Pennant IPS software development process.

RWS is the global leader and innovator in content management and language solutions. The RWS Contenta Business Unit delivers the Contenta Publishing Suite to some of the largest and most demanding aerospace and defense companies and military agencies worldwide, enabling them to successfully develop, manage, translate, publish and view technical materials using rigorous aerospace and defense standards such as S1000D – while reducing costs, complexity and schedules.

We help companies to manage millions of pages of complex technical documents and deliver critical information across the globe so that maintenance professionals can meet mission objectives, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and keep assets mission ready. RWS also enables organizations to break down global communication barriers with multilingual solutions across various aerospace, defense and military use cases and scenarios.

Stop by and talk to us to understand why 90 of the top 100 global brands & several of the world’s largest military agencies depend on RWS solutions.

Performance and cost – that is what it boils down to. In all contexts and projects where Systecon and Opus Suite are involved, the common denominator is the drive to increase cost effectiveness. This is usually the case for a fleet of systems, for example, fighter jets, naval ships, rail vehicles or wind turbines. Systecon provides its clients with expertise, know-how and the world’s most competent Life Cycle Management (LCM) analytics platform, making it possible to optimize the technical design, operations and support solution, so that availability, sustainability and flexibility can be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

4D CONCEPT is expert in documentation engineering, a technological up-to-date and a minded innovative software publisher, for any kind of technical publishing. Three software products based on the same concepts: easy to deploy, and make simple and affordable technical authoring and publishing! One of them is ADAM SUITE, a documentary workshop for aerospace and defense based on ASD/AIA standards: S3000L, S2000M, S1000D for maintenance information and ATA2300 for flight operations. Airbus Group, Dassault Aviation, Naval Group, ARQUUS, KNDS Nexter, and many more rely on ADAM SUITE.

Standard Exhibitors

American Data Solutions LLC (ADS) is a dedicated group of ex-military and technical maintenance and publication experts, coupled with some amazing software developers.

Together we develop drastically innovative IETM solutions for the military and aerospace (in the fields of technical data, maintenance, logistics, training, and scheduling). We also bring IETP viewer that provides maintainers as well as operators with a highly interactive and unified view of manuals, eLearning courseware and maintainer job tasking.

IETP viewer (MDDV) has the ability to deliver a specific level of functionality as detailed in IETP functionality matrix in the S1000D specification.

American Data Solutions LLC (ADS) is a proud American company: 100% American owned, 100% of the employees are US Citizens.

EAGLE is an integrated logistics support software system from Raytheon Intelligence & Space that provides program support throughout its lifespan. The EAGLE product suite can be used to build and maintain logistics data; create reports; and produce and manage data used to create technical manuals, and support fielded systems through operations and maintenance.