The host of the IPS User Forum 2022 is the Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), which is collaborating closely with the Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. (AIA).

The event is organized by the Austrian community of interest or trade associations Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group (AAIG) and the Austrian Defence & Security Industry Association (ASW). The Austrian Defence and Security Industry – ASW – is the One-Stop-Shop within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) regarding the topic of Defence & Security.

The commercially and legally responsible event organizer is the Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group (AAIG).

The Event Management is the responsibility of the IPS Task Team (IPSTT). The IPSTT is a working group of the ASD Product Services Specification Group (PSSG) and the transatlantic „AIA/ASD IPS-Specification Council“ with representatives of the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) and the Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

The IPSTT is responsible for the evaluation, selection and review of the submitted abstracts.

The IPSTT Chairman, Mr. Werner M. Schadelbauer, is the central contact of the Event Organizer for the IPS User Forum 2022(IPS-UF#22) in Vienna. Contact e-mail:

The Austrian National Event Committee consists primarily of industrial and governmental representatives of the IPS Working Group Austria (ILS-WG-AT; aka IPS-WG-AT) and is also chaired by Mr. Werner M. Schadelbauer. The IPS-WG-AT represents the Austrian interests in the context of theASD/AIA S-Series IPS-Specifications“ on behalf of the Austrian representatives in the Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) – AAIG and WKO (ASW). The main focus of the IPS-WG-AT is to support the practical application of the specifications of the „S-Series IPS-Specifications“ by the Austrian industry as well as the Austrian authorities.