Driving Interoperability and Digital Transformation through the implementation of the Suite of S-Series IPS-Specifications and S1000D

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Presentations of IPS User Forum 2022

The publication of the first block release of the S-Series IPS Specifications enables

  • supportability and influence on design in a transparent manner
  • assurance of regulatory requirements
  • sustainable development of preventive and corrective maintenance solutions

For Technical Systems and their efficient support throughout the whole product life cycle, the S-Series IPS element Technical Data based on S1000D is an integrated part of an optimized digital support solution.

The „2021 Block Release of the S-Series IPS Specifications“ is an essential baseline for the end-to-end implementation of IPS-Business Processes.

Learn in this first International IPS User Forum 2022 in Vienna how you and your company can benefit from the release of this block release.

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Why You Should Attend?

The IPS-UF#22 is the first User Forum worldwide for IPS (Integrated Product Support), also known as ILS (Integrated Logistics Support), bringing together ALL relevant S-Series IPS-specifications in one single event.

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