The IPS User Forum 2022 in Vienna (IPS-UF#22) is the first User Forum worldwide for Integrated Product Support (IPS), also known as Integrated Lifecycle Support (ILS), bringing together ALL relevant S-Series IPS Specifications in one single event.

  • SX000i: International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS)
  • S1000D: Technical Publications using a Common Source Database (CSDB)
  • S2000M: Material Management
  • S3000L: Logistics Support Analysis (LSA); aka Product Support Analysis (PSA)
  • S4000P: Developing and continuously Improving Preventive Maintenance
  • S5000F: In-Service Data Feedback
  • S6000T: Training Analysis and Design
  • ASD-STE100: Simplified Technical English – Preparation of Technical Documentation in a Controlled Language